Love your Space.

Custom Homes & Remodeling in Central Ohio

How We Help

Transform problem areas.

Open up a crowded room. Fix “the spot” that gets on your nerves. We’ll design a space that makes every day feel more effortless and comfortable.

Elevate your design.

Update your space to create the vibe you want — while maintaining the personality of the house. Or, design a new home that’s customized to you.

Open up possibilities.

Building or remodeling a home is a great chance to imagine new ways of living in a space. Forget stereotypical floor plans. If you can dream it, we can build it.

Experience the construction process — redefined.

Everyone has heard terrible stories of construction gone wrong.

Our mission at Epic Building Company is to defy those stereotypes. From a well-structured design process to consistent communication, we take proactive steps to ensure your experience is smooth, collaborative, and even enjoyable.

“Epic Building Company converted our unfinished attic into a bedroom, bathroom, and tv room. They also remodeled our upstairs bathroom with this project.”

The pre-construction process let us get to know Andy and how his team works. Andy took a ton of measurements, pictures, and borrowed our house blueprints. He created blueprints for the attic so that we could see how the space will look. A budget was created in CoConstruct, and we were able to see how much was allotted for each category. We had a million questions during this process, and Andy patiently answered all of them.

The construction process went very smoothly. Jeff was our main point of contact. He was onsite most of the days to check progress and meet with subcontractors. If he wasn’t onsite on a given day, he would check in to give us updates on the next days’ agenda. All the subcontractors were awesome too! They were very friendly, knowledgeable, and showed up on time. Communication throughout the whole process was on point. Everything was documented in CoConstruct, and it kept everyone very organized and on task.

We highly recommend Epic for any project. Great people that did an amazing job!

Zak & Lauren Fithian

Design Services

Simplify your project

Keep everything streamlined with one contract and one point of contact. We offer full design services for your custom home or remodel. We believe the key to design success is understanding you.

Uncover your aesthetic.

Understand how you want to live in your space.

Create a functional and beautiful design.

Home Construction Services

Build a custom home.

We’ll take your custom home design from blueprint to move-in ready with our team of trusted trade partners and in-house experts.

Remodel your home.

We’re experts at managing projects with many moving parts. From tearing down walls to fixing plumbing, we have the construction experience to create a space you love.

What will you do with your space?

Many of our clients want to build or renovate to align their homes with their lifestyles.

Open up the floor plan.

Make space for a growing family.

Design an inviting environment for entertaining.

Add more comfort and luxury.

Adapt a home for retirement.

Create a high-end aesthetic.

Create your dream space.