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If you’ve been through a home remodeling project before, you may have great things to say or a nightmare that you wouldn’t want to relive. How can you avoid the heartache and sleepless nights that can come with a home remodeling project or new home build? Know how to choose the best contractor for the job! Your contractor will manage every aspect of the project from start to finish and should be reliable and knowledgeable. Read to learn some helpful tips for qualifying the right contractor for your project. 1. Know what you want- in detail. Before looking for a

With summer in full gear, home projects are ramping up for many homeowners.  After watching HGTV, reviewing countless Pinterest boards, seeing creative ideas on Facebook, the thought of doing it yourself (DIY) can be an attractive one.  The question is, when it comes to making these ideas a reality, where is the dividing line between projects that qualify as DIY and projects that should be left to the professionals?  Many homeowners have gone the DIY route with great success.  Others with great failure.  The key lies in knowing when you are in over your head.  Epic Building Company has laid

At Epic Building Company (EBC), the tools of the trade have gone digital. We have implemented EPICenter, a cutting-edge project management tool.  The EPICenter software connects our customers to their project information in one easily accessible site.  Customers can make selections, review updates, see photos and documents, and ask questions, review budget, approve change orders, navigate warranty, and much more; it’s all located in one central hub, the EPICenter of the project. Everyone has heard the horror stories associated with many construction projects.  Whether it’s unexpected costs, poor communication, lack of accountability, or any of the other common complaints, unprofessional