Surpassing the Ordinary

New Construction

Epic Building Company is a full-service general contractor, centrally located in the Heart of Ohio. We proudly serve Pataskala, Ohio and all surrounding areas.

We Work with You

If you already have custom floor plans made up, simply let us know; we are more than happy to work with your existing ideas. We can easily take your napkin ideas and turn them into your dream home. If you don’t already have floor plans, but you have an idea of some specific aspects that you would like incorporated into your new construction, let us know that too. We will sit down and go over every aspect of your new construction project until your desires are satisfied.

…And We Do It for You

Epic Building Company has over 30 years of combined experience in residential and commercial construction. We’re knowledgeable and experienced in all areas of the construction process. We do this for our clients, not ourselves. Our focus is always on quality, not price. This is your new home and you should be happy with every aspect of it. Considering that you will probably be living in it for quite some time, we want you to love it.

Room Additions

As families grow and space gets tight, people generally decide that this is a good time to move. Stop for a minute and think about everything that moving entails. First you have to find a new home, then you have to pack up everything you own, transport it to the new home, and then unpack everything again and put it all away. None of these tasks are quick or easy and most have multiple steps involved.

In addition, families who have lived in the same location for most or all of their lives become attached to their home. They are not the only ones living there – their memories also reside in the house. So why not go the easier route and just add on to the home you already live in? You don’t have the hassles of moving and you won’t have to leave those memories behind.

We would be more than happy to go over your options for new room additions, and we can take care of every aspect involved. With Epic Building Company, you won’t need to hire other contractors to do bits and pieces of the addition because we can do it all, from start to finish.

Why Choose Epic Building Company for Your New Construction or Room Addition?

Epic Building Company surpasses the ordinary building and remodeling companies by caring about our clients. We take extra steps to make sure that our project is your dream. With Epic Building Company you can be assured that your new construction project will be completed with integrity, honesty, dependability, professionalism, versatility, and above all, customer satisfaction. We consider the little things that other builders overlook, such as:

  • lights in closets
  • ceiling fans and/or overhead lighting in bedrooms
  • higher basement ceilings
  • future designs (basements are designed with future finishing in mind)
  • energy efficiency
  • higher quality materials
  • a design to meet the needs of your lifestyle
  • deeper garages

If you are looking for a trusted local company to perform your new home construction, give the professionals at Epic Building Company a call at (614) 774-6869. Whether you would like more information or to schedule your free estimate, we’re here for you.