Surpassing the Ordinary

Our Process

The Concept

At Epic Building Company, we set the bar for simplifying the construction process. Everyone has heard the horror stories of working with a contractor. Those stories are a thing of the past. With our approach, you will enjoy the construction process from our initial meeting to the realization of your dreams.

Epic Building Company firmly believes that the design and pre-construction process is as important as the finished product. We strive to provide complete design and building services for our clients while emphasizing the simplification of the construction experience for our customers. With the assistance of our trade partners, we will walk you through the design and selection process. Once selections are finalized, sit back and relax while we make dreams a reality!

The Initial Meeting

At our initial meeting, we focus on listening to potential clients. We approach the project from our clients’ perspective in an effort to understand their needs and desires. We compile your ideas along with our recommendations if desired, to put together a design that best suits your lifestyle. The design process is revisionary, meaning it may take a few attempts to come up with the perfect plan, but we’ll work with you every step of the way. All of this attention is provided at no charge to our potential clients.

The Next Step

Once a design is chosen, we will draw up an estimate based on your approximate selections for finishes. At Epic Building Company, we do not price projects by the square foot. Each project is estimated on an individual basis in an effort to protect the consumer. Once our estimate is complete, we prefer to sit down with our potential clients again to review the project and the estimate in detail. At this time, we can answer any questions or make any requested changes.

The Construction Process

We take pride in providing a hands-off experience for our customers. We know that you are busy with work, family, and life in general and a construction project can be a major disruption to your daily life. Keeping this in mind, we strive to keep the disruption to a minimum. Epic Building Company will make every effort to streamline the construction schedule to get your project completed as quickly and efficiently as possible while maintaining our high quality standards. Beyond that, we will include considerations like dust containment barriers and floor coverings to keep the construction dirt out of your living space, we’ll focus on cleanliness and organization of the work site, and keep an open line of communication with you, the customer and make any adjustments needed.

The End Goal

Our goal is not just to create clients, but to create friendships that last a lifetime. Our method of putting extra effort into the pre-construction process allows us to build a working relationship with our clients to help the construction process flow smoothly and ensure our customers’ complete satisfaction. It enables the consumer to think of new ideas and be presented with alternative options. In the end, your dreams will become a breathtaking reality!