Create a new, all-you space.

Custom Home Builder in Ohio

A Place for Everyday Memories

Your home is more than a structure — it’s a space where life’s important moments unfold.

We’re here to build a custom home that fits your lifestyle and aligns with your values. First, we get to know you and understand your vision. Then, we guide you through each step to make it a tangible reality.

Custom Home Design Services

Infuse your home with personality and functionality.

A custom home is about more than picking out finishes. We design every home from scratch — no cookie-cutter floor plans. Each room is developed based on what you want.

Because we’re also builders, we can ensure your custom design is realistic within your budget.

Unsure of exactly what you want? We’ll help you unearth your vision.

Custom Home Design Services

Make your dream home a reality.

We can take any design and put together the pieces to make it happen.

Over the past 20 years, we’ve refined a process that addresses common obstacles and helps clients sharpen their vision. We believe it’s possible to have great results and a stellar experience.

Experience peace of mind.

Get a more accurate quote.

We go beyond the basics of quality home construction. It’s not just about making things level, square, and straight. It’s also about creating an enjoyable journey. Our goal is to be your guide throughout the process and make it smooth, inspiring — and even fun!

Work with problem solvers.

Issues inevitably come up — like unforeseen conditions and supply chain interruptions. We won’t sugarcoat things when they go wrong. But we have experience coming up with creative solutions to these problems.

Stay involved in the design.

Many people worry about being in the dark during their home’s construction. Our goal is that you always feel in the know and empowered to make informed decisions about what you want in your dream home.

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Custom Home Build FAQ

Do I need to hire an architect first?

With our design/build method, you get both a builder and an architect in one. We bring together a team of experts who work together for a seamless home project. This approach saves you the hassle of finding and managing multiple professionals. 

Do you have floor plans to choose between?

We don’t make you choose from cookie-cutter floor plans. Instead, we design your floor plan from scratch to create a custom home built just for you. If you don’t know what you want, we’ll guide you through figuring it out.

I already have a floor plan. Can you build it?

Yes, we can build your custom home based on your already-designed floor plan. 

What should I expect during the home-building process?

Before starting, we’ll walk you through our detailed roadmap. You’ll be updated and involved at every step. You can expect hiccups and challenges along the way — no custom build goes perfectly. But we have solved hundreds of problems over the past two decades and are committed to getting you the best possible results. 

What is the key to a successful home-building experience?

We believe a successful home build comes from a strong partnership with our clients. We prioritize open communication and active collaboration so your experience is smooth and even fun! 

Create your dream space.