Surpassing the Ordinary

The Epic Building Company Difference

Contractor Selection:

As with any major purchase, it is in your best interest to do some research when pursuing a renovation, remodel, or new home build. Wading through the pool of contractors can be intimidating. Walls can only be so square, countertops so level, and lines painted so straight and crisp. While these are all key ingredients to your construction project, there are many contractors that can achieve these goals. So, where do you go from here?

At Epic Building Company, we believe the key difference between good contractors is how smoothly they take you from the initial meeting to delivering the finished product. Sure, there are a multitude of companies that can provide the same finished product, but it is our belief that Epic Building Company provide the best experience by being customer focused and personal! By staying on the cutting edge of our industry and providing excellent customer service, we can provide you with a smooth, painless process that will leave you in awe your finished product and anxious to start the next project.

What Sets Epic Building Company Apart:

Our Personnel: Epic Building Company’s employees and our trade partners genuinely care about our customers and their families. We will take the time to get to know you during the construction process. We make it policy to put the benefit and well-being of our clients before anything else. We will help educate you during our time together so that you can be an informed consumer and make the decisions that will benefit you the most.

Design Build: Whether you already have a complete set of plans for your project, or just an idea in your head, Epic Building Company can make it a reality. Our design team along with our trade partners can provide you with a value engineered design that will meet all of your requirements and be the talk of the neighborhood. We are a one stop resource for your entire construction project.

3-D and Virtual Reality Design: Epic Building Company offers the use state of the art design software to aid in the design of your project. With this software, we’re able to generate floor plans, elevations, and even provide a three-dimensional view of your project. Three-dimensional walk throughs and virtual reality tours are also available to provide you with the experience and feel of being in your finished product before construction even begins! These tools can be a big cost savings negating the need for changes during the construction process. Learn more about our 3-D and Virtual Reality Design

Co-Construct: Epic Building Company uses a cutting edge project management tool for all of our projects. With Co-Construct, every detail of your project is contained to one location. Drawings, selections, financials, communication, warranty, and more are all handled through our software. You will even have the option to install an app on your phone so you’ll have it with you on the go. Click here to find out more!